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History of Cricfree TV Streaming Channel

An amazing and exceptional story about our website

Cricfree brand has a very rich past, during which Cricfree stream channel had to overcome countless obstacles and problems. In order to continue to bring its fans and users free streaming content to sports events. In the gambling world, if you ask every old bettor, bookmaker or other gambling experts, what is the first streaming channel that comes to their mind in the beginning of streaming on the Internet. The answer will always be mostly Crickfree. I'm convinced of that. Let's remember how and where it all started with the Cricfree TV.

The beginning of Cricfree Streaming Brand

Cricfree Streaming Brand began with the idea of ​​two sports enthusiast at Cricket The Oval Stadium, also known as the Kia Oval (for sponsorship reasons) in Kennington, London. To be precise, the London-based Surrey County Cricket Club, of which we are both big supporters, plays its home matches at The Oval stadium. But there have also been many international matches of the England Cricket National Team.

One day, when we were at the stadium, we had brilliant idea to establish Cricfree streaming brand. Which, as many of you already understand, is a combination of two words, Cricket and Free. Because we, as the founders of this brand, decided to swear our streaming content free for everyone. Because we do not agree with media way in which the video content of any sport is presented today.

Our Cricfree idea was born during one of the England Cricket National Team matches in 2011. The original idea was to stream all cricket matches for free in the UK, but later we streamed all cricket matches in the world and today we deliver to our fans streams to all sport events in the world regardless of sports category.

I consider this a huge success of our Cricfree team, that we have reached this point in the years of work and we can see our brand as a phenomenon among streaming sites.

Cricket's stadium - this is where the idea of the Cricfree channel was born.

Cricfree rules the streaming market in UK

Cricket in the British Isles is undoubtedly hugely popular historically. But not only the English national team is famous for their many good results and titles. But also the national teams of Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

Boom in Cricfree online broadcasting came after a few weeks of sharing the Cricfree brand everywhere, for example in English cricket forums, as Cricfree platform on which you can watch free cricket matches and people do not have to pay for expensive channels, which broadcast for unreasonably high amounts.

Very soon we were watched by a huge cricket fan base in England on their computers. Everything started with shared streams on the Cricket forum. Our advantage of our free streams was certainly that we guaranteed our fans a high streaming video quality without annoying ads.

Cricfree on Desktop

From the beginning of our first meeting, the idea was clear, immediately launch the Cricfree Television and start to streaming and broadcasting as soon as possible on a PC.

At one of the biggest and best British Cricket forums, we contacted an external programmer, who very quickly designed and created our Cricfree streaming website. Which I personally fell in love with. That is how was born the best streaming web in the UK and later in the world also. Streaming brand that bears a name Cricfree.

Cricfree streams began to be watched on a desktop by a large number of users.

Cricfree Streaming Expanded Into the World

It took exactly ten months and Cricfree brand was not understandably sustainable only on Cricket streams, because the interest to rise very quickly for our streams.

People shared our brand Cricfree on Facebook and Twitter and thanks to further sharing of many and many of you, awareness of the Cricfree streaming brand has risen.

Very soon people started to ask questions and offers of cooperation to us and Cricfree had to react on it.

Exactly at this point, we started stream football, soccer, boxing, hockey, tennis and many other sports. Your support was unbelievable.

Sports Category at Cricfree Streams

Another sports category that we added to Cricfree offer was football or also soccer. The first football streams were for the English Premier League in 2012, then the official name of the Barclays Premier League, as this sponsor ended his cooperation with the Premier League four years later.

In any case, the first streams at the EPL aroused unseen and unexpected attention and interest for us. Everyone throughout England found out about us and wanted to watch our Cricfree streams.

We had to expand our team of young temporary workers, because thanks to the expansion stream, adding videos from each goal, of course, it was not possible to keep such a service in two people. After the Premier League, we started to stream other best football competitions in the world also. We broadcast football games from Spain, Italy, France, Germany and of course Champions League, the best football competition of the world.

Interest about US Sports gradually increased also. We began to bring the streaming content of the largest and most watched events in the United States and Canada, such as the Super Bowl, which was our most watched event in 2013. That year competed for the Super Bowl title in a thrilling match between the Baltimore Ravens and the San Francisco 49ers, the result ended 34:31. This stream was watched by a record 368,000 viewers on our Cricfree Football category website for NFL.

Cricfree for Mobile and Tablet

Of course, Cricfree's extensive team with the growing popularity could not only stay with the desktop resolution, but also had to switch to the ability to watch our Cricfree streams on a mobile phone or tablet.

Because that time even mainly bookmakers and their betting customers, who formed a huge base of our Cricfree streams, over the next few years they switched more and more to mobile and tablet devices from a computer. Because it is much more convenient for everyone. In 2015, we successfully implemented Cricfree Streams for mobile and tablets.

After a few years, Cricfree became available for mobile and tablet.

Final Words about Cricfree Streaming Channel

This was a cross-section of our Cricfree story. In conclusion, I would like to thank the entire Cricfree team and all the people who shared their work on this Cricfree site for creating a unique free streaming place on the Internet. Where everyone can come even today and find the match they are looking for.

Nowadays, where TV channels extort money from users, Cricfree is still free and maintains its high standard in stream quality and especially the offer of match in all sports. This is our promise to our loyal fans, that we will keep continue our way in Cricfree. In our work with the passion, with which Cricfree has been working for over ten years. Thanks to everyone and keep watch sports for free with Cricfree channel.
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